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Old bread bird feeders

Bird feeders 4 - old bread bird feeders

If your kids are off for Easter weekend or spring break, and you need a few extra activities to keep them busy, here’s an oldie but a goodie – sit them at the kitchen table and have them transform stale slices of grainy bread by turning them into bird feeders that will keep the first spring visitors happy outside your window.

Bird feeders 1 - old bread bird feeders All you need is a shallow dish of birdseed – available at most grocery or department stores, or even the dollar store – and some peanut butter or other nut butter. Leave the bread out to dry completely, thread a thick needle and string or a wire or twist tie through the top of the bread slice (leave enough bread on top that it doesn’t pull through), then spread it on both sides with sticky nut butter.

Bird feeders 2 - old bread bird feeders

Douse each side in birdseed, turning it to coat, and attach it to a sturdy branch in your back yard. Breakfast is served!

Bird feeders 3 - old bread bird feeders

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