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Sandwich sushi

Sandwich Sushi - Parents Canada

Sandwich sushi - sandwich sushiAny combination of ingredients can be used to make sandwich sushi – wrap bread or flour tortilla around your choice of fillings, then slice into bite-sized pieces. Kids who have a hard time tackling a sandwich will enjoy nibbling on small pieces, and if they don’t finish, they can tuck the “sushi” back into their lunch kits for later – far more appealing than a half-eaten sandwich.


Your choice of wrapping
• sandwich bread
• flour tortillas

Your choice of spreads
• nut-free peanut butter
• jam
• cream cheese

Your choice of filings
• sliced apple
• sliced cucumber
• sliced banana
• cheese sticks
• red pepper sticks
• grated carrot
• julienned deli meat
• lettuce or baby spinach


1. Spread bread or tortilla with your choice of spreads.

2. Layer with fillings of your choice, aiming for a variety of colour, with sticks or slices laid down the middle.

3. Roll up and slice into 1-inch pieces; arrange in the lunchbox as if it was sushi.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, August/September 2012.

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