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Souper Friends: Ideas to get your kids eating (or slurping) their vegetables

Soup is good food. Typically packed with vegetables and other healthy things, it’s easier to make from scratch than most people think. Puréed soup can be a tasty veggie vehicle for picky eaters who don’t like a lot of texture. Soup is also ideal for those just learning how to cook.

Measurements are rarely precise, so if you’re cooking with your kids, you need not worry about them adding too much or too little. There are plenty of opportunities to chop, stir, check and blend – all fun parts of the cooking process. And because you can turn most anything into a pot of soup, you can let kids experiment with different ingredients to see if their culinary combos work; they’re more likely to eat what they make themselves, and you never know, you may wind up with something delicious.

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