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Watermelon Vinaigrette

Watermelon vinaigrette - watermelon vinaigrette

Nothing says summer like the flavour of a juicy watermelon. This year, the melons are massive.. and with only three of us in the house, we’re often left with surplus after eating our fill of wedges. Fortunately, watermelon is one of my favourite salad ingredients – watermelon cubes + feta + fresh mint + balsamic reduction is divine! It’s also wonderful to whirl into smoothies (because of its high water content, you can use watermelon in place of juice or milk – and on its own it can be pureed into an all-fruit slurpee) and strained, then mixed with lemon juice and sugar to make super summery watermelonade.

Watermelon vinaigrette 1 - watermelon vinaigrette

But this year I discovered it as a base for tangy, fat-free vinaigrette – whirl with berries and vinegar for a practically calorie-free dressing for your summer salads.

Watermelon vinaigrette 2 - watermelon vinaigrette

And do you know the mason jar on the blender trick? It’s perfect for this – just fill the jar with watermelon, berries and vinegar, blend, then pop on a lid and keep it in the fridge. Happy summer noshing!

Watermelon Raspberry Vinaigrette

1 cup cubed, seeded watermelon

½ cup fresh or frozen raspberries and/or blueberries

2 Tbsp. honey (optional)

2 Tbsp. rice or raspberry vinegar

In blender or food processor, process watermelon and raspberries until liquefied. Add honey and vinegar, pulse until blended. Cover and store in refrigerator. Shake well before using.

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