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Cough and cold season: Finding relief naturally

Child with runny nose

With the season change to the colder months (and it’ll happen again when the warm weather returns!), kids often come home with a cough or a case of the sniffles. Here’s how you can treat their symptoms naturally.

Why do kids get coughs and colds at every change of season?

As summer comes to an end and fall settles in,  your little one risks getting a cough or a cold.  But newsflash: These change-of-season illnesses are extremely common and are not due, as we tend to believe, to a change in temperature.

Headaches, runny nose, sore throats…these ailments are the result of viruses.  Among these viruses, two are particularly responsible for symptoms often see in kiddos:  the rhinovirus and coronavirus.

During the transition to back to school (which is already an energy strain for many children), extra-curricular activities start up again—this means tired kids, with the potential for weakened immune systems. They are also back in the classroom, and that close proximity presents the opportunity for germ-sharing. Add in shorter days, and the lack of sunlight and you’re looking at prime conditions for sickness.

Natural tips for cough and cold season

Coughs and colds generally disappear within a couple of days.  However, they are still unpleasant, frustrating for the patient and contagious! While coughs and colds are pretty much unavoidable, here’s how you can help to keep them at bay:

– build in time for your children to get lots of exercise

– work to help kids get a good night’s sleep

– prepare healthy, balanced meals

– send them outside to play! Fresh air does wonders!

– give them suitable supplements to strengthen their immune system such as Kids 0-9 Gummies

And when your child does come home with a little bug, our line of syrups Kids 0-9 is there to help your child on the mend. This complete line of remedies (with great-tasting flavours!) was developed by Homeocan especially for children.  It helps treat symptoms of colds, gently and easily.

Herbal Cough & Cold Syrup contains Ivy, a natural expectorant.  It will help soothe your little one’s cough, minimizing congestion and secretions.

Homeocan herbal cough & cold syrup

Throat Ease Syrup is for use in case of pain, inflammation and irritation of the throat, hoarseness and difficulty swallowing.

Day Syrup is ideal for fighting numerous symptoms: cough, congestion, aches, fever…combine it with Night Syrup for round-the-clock action and relief.

All of these homeopathic remedies are composed of active natural ingredients to help your child get back to healthy in no time.

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