Tips to take your indoor fitness outside

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Spring has sprung! Time to come out of hibernation and embrace the fresh air. Try ditching these indoor activities for some new outdoor ones.

Swap the treadmill for a running club: Ditch your ear buds and try running or walking with a group. The change of scenery and social time makes for a change of pace. Plus having a buddy can be a real motivator to staying active.

Swap a spin class for a bike ride: Are you into wheels? Time to test your pedal mettle on the open road.

Swap binge watching for bird watching: For inspiration, watch The Big Year (available on Netflix). This madcap 2011 comedy stars Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin in a story about the cutthroat world of competitive bird watching. Then take a pair of binoculars outside and start looking for the avian species in your neighbourhood.

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