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Our Favourite Toronto Parks

A Toronto park, High Park, on a sunny day. Large trees surround a large decorative maple leaf in the centre of a clearing.

Toronto is home to more than 1,500 parks—it’s a big city, and there’s a lot of ground to cover! From castle-themed playgrounds to the best natural trails, we’ve rounded up our five favourite Toronto parks that are worth the trip to a different neighbourhood. 

  1. High Park 

1873 Bloor St W 

High Park is Toronto’s largest park and easily one of its most popular. The well-known spot boasts two playgrounds that are worth the trip. First up, you’ll find the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground —a fan-favourite of the ages, known for its magical, castle-like build-at the High Park entrance, just off Parkside Avenue. You can also find the recently-renovated High Park North playground via Colbourne Lodge drive and West Road. Overall, High Park is a busy, bustling park that shows just how vibrant and connected Toronto can be. It’s a can’t-miss spot where the kids can play and chat for hours while you enjoy the scenery. 

  1. Corktown Common 

155 Bayview Ave 

For kiddos interested in all things nature, head to Corktown Common for lush and winding trails that take you from a constructed marsh full of marine life to the wildflower-rich aspen grove. Corktown Common is a stunning and playful park that has an intriguing double feature: The park actually operates as flood protection for the city. We think you’ll find that the design of the park is as visually beautiful as it is ecologically astounding. Expect to retreat into nature and let your young ones play at the unique playground or splash around in the park’s solid splash pad

  1. St. James Park 

120 King St E 

With a rich history, St. James Park’s main features are a contemplative garden, a market-themed playground and a community-centred pavilion. But it’s the playground that’s the real star of the show: With play structures in the shapes of everything from bouncy ice cream scoops to asparagus shooting from the ground, this park is truly a wonder for all ages to enjoy. Expect an outside-of-the-box experience combined with a grounding sense of history in vibrant downtown Toronto. 

  1. Grange Park 

Between Beverley St and McCaul St, south of the Dundas St W 

With more than 180 trees, spending time in Grange Park feels like you’re getting the best of the city and the best of nature all in one experience. Nestled in the heart of Toronto, this park sports fantastic views of the CN Tower, plenty of people-watching, breathtaking sculptures and a fun, geometric playground. One of our favourite things to do here is uncover the quotes from famous Canadians inscribed into stone along the pathways. These quotes, chosen by the community, remind us and our kiddos of the beauty and diversity in the city. 

  1. Dufferin Grove Park 

875 Dufferin St 

If you want to feel like you’re part of a neighborhood that is (or isn’t) your own, head to Dufferin Grove Park. Pro tip: Stop at Dufferin Mall across the street for some picnic snacks and bring them over to a sunny or shaded spot—there’s plenty of both. Dufferin Grove boasts a communal woodfire stove that friends of the park use for their weekly farmers’ market; a skate park or skating rink, depending on the season; ping pong tables; and even bookable, on-site campfire space. Overall, you can expect a quirky, friendly, fun neighborhood feel from this park. And, as an added bonus, an ongoing rejuvenation project for the park wraps up in June 2024, so you’ll get the best the neighborhood has to offer this summer! 

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