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Considering homeopathy for kids

Baby and his older brother

Many families integrate homeopathy into their regular lives. Parents, kids, babies and even pets alike can benefit from natural remedies. Read on to better understand homeopathic solutions and benefits, for a range of daily ailments.

What is homeopathy?

This therapeutic approach was invented at the end of the 18th century by Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor. He noticed that certain prescribed remedies to treat certain symptoms could cause these same symptoms on a healthy individual. He concluded from this study that “like cures like” and “infinitesimal,” which are two of the founding principles of homeopathy.

At its core, homeopathy consists in creating remedies based on highly diluted natural ingredients, causing a defensive reaction of the body and stimulating self-healing.

Proven successful against the epidemic of scarlet fever in Germany in the 19XXs, homeopathy became more common in hospitals, and many countries integrated the practice into their traditional health system. In fact, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Montreal was previously a homeopathic hospital.

Homeopathy is medicine-based on active natural substances—vegetable, animal or mineral. Among these substances, five are particularly common in homeopathic remedies:

– Arnica Montana, against muscular and articular pain

– Valeriana Officinalis, to calm

– Chamomilla Vulgaris, against pain

– Nux Vomica, against insomnia, digestive or behavioral disorders

– Ignatia Amara, against stress

Why use homeopathy for children?

Among the different therapeutic approaches to treating children, homeopathy proves to be an excellent solution. These natural products are safe for babies. They typically do not cause side effects, contrary to many traditional drugs.

Homeocan remedies for babies are sugar free, too. Their format adapts to all ages, and they are easy to use for everyone from birth on.

Dad and son with homeocan syrup

Homeopathy for children can be used alone or in addition to traditional medicine. It does not typically have any contraindications.

Finally, homeopathy is great for minor, everyday ailments for everyone in the family. There are remedies for cough, digestive disorders, ear, nose and throat issues, teething, bruising, fever, allergies, colic and more.

Which homeopathic remedy to choose?

You can choose this therapeutic approach for your entire family, but Homeocan has a specific line for kids—Kids 0-9.

Two children with homeocan day syrup

By choosing products from this line, you will have remedies made of highest quality substances, without added sugar. They’re easy to use, too, in liquid format (with great flavours like orange, grape and raspberry, and with integrated droppers), gummies or creams.

Homeocan products

Kids 0-9 offers a large range of products to treat different symptoms. Among the must-haves, you will find first aid cream, to soothe all baby sores; Throat-Ease syrup; and oral solutions for allergies, earaches, colic or teething. To discover all of Homeocan’s natural remedies, click here.

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