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Cyber Safety Tips

Facebook’s terms are supposed to require users to be at least age 13, but a Consumer Reports survey found that children age 10 and younger are not only using the site but are largely unsupervised by their parents. Even more concerning is that the majority of these parents are unconcerned or ignore the possibility of serious threats such as predators and bullies.

For more tips and ideas about your kids’ online safety, check out the stories below.


Social Media: Ignore or Accept 

What can help you get a job, enhance your social life, and yet has the power to totally ruin your reputation? Online social media…


Texting Can Be Great In Cyber Safety - Parents Canada Texting Can Be Great 

Text messaging can affect kids’ spelling, grammar and communication, but in a surprisingly positive way…


Cyberbullying – What Can We Do About It? 


Picking fights, physical threats, intimidation, teasing, harassment and generating fear in others has been the past time of schoolyard bullies for as long as groups of kids have congregated …

Parents’ Tips for Dealing With Cyber Bullying 

“Rebecca says everybody hates me.” “Jamal is telling everyone to stop talking to me.”The words come through on Aren van Delden’s computer screen like blows to the stomach…



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