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Dad-written books for every kind of father

There’s a dad-written book for every kind of father out there.

Books for dad - dad-written books for every kind of father 

For The Medical Buff

Eat, Sleep, Poop: A Common Sense Guide to Your Baby’s First Year (Scribner). Pediatrician and new dad Scott W. Cohen reduces child care to those three basics.It’s full of flow charts to help you determine whether a visit to the doctor is required. Cohen also includes confessional Daddy vs Doctor callouts where he admits that medical advice he often gives is harder to swallow as a new dad.

For The Sports Fan

Benchwarmer: An Anxious Dad’s Almanac of Fatherhood and Other Failures (Public Affairs). Sports writer and broadcaster Josh Wilker skilfully weaves sports failures (including his own) otherwise relegated to the trivia bin into this memoir of year one of fatherhood. Following the alphabetical format of an almanac, Wilker exposes his uncertainty like a bat catcher without a cup.

For The Comedy Guru

Let’s Start a Riot: How a Young Drunk Punk became a Hollywood Dad (HarperCollins). Former Kid in the Hall Bruce McCulloch transposes his trademark deadpan delivery from the small screen to the memoir. From his Calgary childhood with an alcoholic father to comedy success in Toronto and then writing in Hollywood, he mines the comedy in his parental ambivalence.


Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, June 2015.

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