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How To Create A Stress-Free Morning Routine For School

Stress-Free Morning Routine For School - Parents Canada

Mornings with kids can be hectic year-round, but that first week back at school is especially tough—mornings can turn into full-on chaos. Establishing a morning routine that works for you and your kids can take some trial and error, but here are a few simple tips to help make your back-to-school morning routine a little easier, and with fewer tears from both kids and parents.

Wake Up Early

Begin your morning earlier than you think you need to. Start with getting up just 15 minutes earlier than you usually would. You may find you can adjust your wake-up time after the first few days, but having that extra buffer in the morning ensures that everyone gets out the door when they need to. If you’re a parent who needs a coffee in silence before the kids start running around, you’ll appreciate the little extra time.

Pack the Night Before

The first few mornings of the new school year are tough enough without adding in the stress of making lunches and packing backpacks. Getting everything ready the night before can be a huge time- and stress-saver. Pack the lunches, lay out clothes, and ensure homework and permission forms are signed (why are there so many of those the first days of school?!). Making sure everything is ready to go in the morning can help you sleep better at night and means you won’t be running around the house trying to find everything while the school bus drives by.

If your kids are older, they may be able to do these tasks on their own. A checklist may help them take some of this workload off of your plate, with the added benefit of encouraging independence.

Make Your Routine Visible

A routine checklist can help kids remember everything that needs to be done in the morning. Include things like getting dressed, making beds, eating breakfast and brushing teeth. Visible routine charts help kids understand what needs to be done, so you don’t have to remind them all morning long repeatedly. Less nagging = happier parents and kids.

Set a Timer

If your child is having trouble staying on task (some kids eat breakfast at a snail’s pace, for example), setting a timer can help them stay focused. When the timer goes off, it’s time to wrap up what they’re doing and move to the next step in the routine.

It’s important to remember that your morning routine may require some tweaking in the early days of a new school year, but you’ll eventually find your groove and land on a system that works for everyone.

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