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Are you looking to make some family New Year’s resolutions? Why not brush up on your literacy skills with these activities from ABC Life Literacy Canada:

  • Aim high. Gather your family together and have everybody write down at least three New Year’s resolutions. When everyone has finished, take turns reading your resolutions out loud and discuss ways you could help each other to achieve them.
  • Read together. Start a book club with friends and family. Pick a new book to read as a group, or re-read one of your old favourites. No matter what, don’t forget to discuss the book when everyone is done, it will help improve reading comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Take a math challenge. With a partner, take a deck of cards and place them facedown on the ground. Starting with two cards each, see who can add the numbers on their cards the fastest. Keep going and see how many cards you both can do. Being able to do simple math on the go will come in handy when it comes to calculating tips, estimating interest, and figuring out your change.
  • Plan a vacation. Just because the holiday season is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still get away. Work together as a family to plan your dream vacation. Begin with an imaginary budget and see how many places you can go, or activities you can do, while staying within your allotted expenses.
  • Get involved. Join your local school, library and literacy organizations across Canada on January 27 and celebrate Family Literacy Day! Visit or follow @abclifeliteracy on Twitter to find out how.

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