Middle School

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Lunches, first days and more

Lunch Gear (as seen on Canada AM!)

Get your child back-to-school ready with some litterless lunchtime products that keep cool things cool, and hot things hot.

Gear that the whole family can use

Products that keep cool things cool and hot things hot

Customization for your child

Recyclable containers = saved money

Gear specifically for children with allergies

Getting Ready

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  • Education Matters: What parents need to know before their child starts school. Read
  • Back-To-School Savings: Show your kids the meaning of budgeting for back-to-school. Read
  • Helping Children To Be Ready To Learn: Tips on making your child school-ready. Read

Food Ideas

  • Creative Portable Lunches: Stuck on what to pack for your kids’ lunches? Check out these tasty and creative

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