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What do kids worry about?

ParentsCanada polled 650 kids in Grades 4 and 8 across Canada to see what they were really worrying about.  Surprisingly candid due to anonymity, what kids worry about might make you worry as well… and some will make you sigh in relief.

Their Future

Around 60 percent of kids of all ages worry about their future, but only eight percent of kids worry all the time. The least worried are Grade 4 boys.

Their Grades

Just slightly more than 40 percent of both boys and girls worry about grades. Nearly 20 percent admit that they worry all the time. Girls, overall, worry slightly more.

Their appearance The older they are, the more they worry. Grade 8 girls worried twice as much as boys in their class, but even half of the boys admitted they worried sometimes. Least worried? Grade 4 boys.

Health of loved ones

Nearly 60 percent of all children worry a lot or all the time
about the health of someone they love with the least worrying done by Grade 4 boys.

Making mistakes in class

Most kids worry about making errors in front of classmates. Close to 75 percent worry in varying degrees, but 26 percent say they don’t worry at all. Those who worry the least? Boys, specifically those in Grade 8.

Being laughed at

Not necessarily due to mistakes, but perhaps wearing or doing something that would cause them to be the butt of a joke. Grade 4 boys and girls are the most worried and Grade 8 boys the least.

Their friends

Friends mean a great deal to children. Girls worry about their friends to some extent nearly 90 percent of the time. Boys worry about 80 percent of the time.

Problems in the world

When asked about whether they worried about global unrest and crises, 74 percent of kids say they worry to a certain amount. Boys worry much less than girls, and 33 percentsay they never worry at all. Children in Grade 4 seem to worry slightly more than older children. 

The environment

About 50 percent of kids worry about the environment, although 20 percent never worry at all. There was little difference in ages or gender of children.

Getting lost

Perhaps parents worry the most, and over 40 percent of kids don’t give it a second thought. Understandably, the most worried about getting lost are younger children – 20 percent worry all the time. The least worried are Grade 8 boys, but even 3 percent of them admit to worrying alot. 

Their popularity

Over half of the children who responded admitted they never worry at all about popularity. Both Grade 8 girls and boys worried equally – about 54 percent. The least worried are Grade 4 boys.

Stranger abduction

Only 14 percent of children worried about being abducted. But of those responding that they worried somewhat, 50 percent of kids in Grade 4 worried a lot or all of the time. The least worried are the Grade 8 boys, but 6 percent still worried all the time about being abducted.

I worry about doing the right thing. I think everyone has their own problems, but sometimes we have to make the best of it. I think these questions you asked really make you think about your life and who you love. No one would ever want something to happen to a loved one.’ 
GIRL, 14

It’s not really important to be popular, but it is important to have friends who really care about you – not just like you because you’re popular. 
GIRL, 14

I am always worrying about my parents who smoke and drink too much. 
BOY, 13

I’m worried about going to high school.BOY, 13

I worry about being a perfectionist in school. I feel to satisfy myself I have to be the best at not just at school, but also at everything. But it is impossible to be the best all the time. Though I try to be the best. It gives me a lot of pressure sometimes. But I cannot stand when somebody is better at something than me. GIRL, 9

I worry about dying. BOY, 9

I worry about my parents getting into a car accident.GIRL, 10

I do worry about the world ending with all the stuff on the news.
BOY, 10



I am so freaked out about getting kidnapped. It’s really creepy.  GIRL, 13

I am worried about not being a carefree person.
GIRL, 14 

I worry a lot about being hit by a car. 
GIRL, 14

I sometimes worry that I worry too much! GIRL, 10

I worry about my piano teacher making me cry.
GIRL, 10

I worry about having lockdowns at school.  GIRL, 9

I worry a lot about making friends.
(Several comments from boys and girls of all ages.)

I worry about people saying I’m weird. GIRL, 10

I am worried about how I spend my money; if I spend too much at a time, or if I spend it wisely. BOY, 9

I worry about walking alone home from school. BOY, 10

I only worry about my grades because my parents do. 
GIRL, 13

I worry about getting left out of things.  BOY, 9

I honestly don’t care what people think about how I look. If I’m big, that’s my problem, not theirs.GIRL, 14

I worry about not being allowed to live with my mom. BOY, 9

I worry the world’s coming to an end. BOY, 9

I worry about getting killed.(This comment left by several boys and girls of all ages.)

I worry about talking to my parents.GIRL, 13

I worry that the USA will start another war again.  BOY, 10

I want to make sure I get a good education to get a good job.GIRL, 14

I worry about corruption in government and pharmaceutical companies.BOY, 10

Being rejected or unloved by friends and family.
GIRL, 10

I worry about being attacked by pigeons.GIRL, 13

I don’t think bullies are as big a deal that parents make them. There are scarier things out there – like dying.  GIRL, 13

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