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Everybody poops, just not in the living room

When my daughter is older she is going to kill me for sharing this story, but I can’t resist. The sequence of events that unfolded in my home last night is just too unbelievable to hold back. Hopefully, when you read this, you will be able to relate and know you aren’t alone when it comes to unpredictable toddler behaviour.

It began last night at dinner, when my crabby kiddo decided she had enough and wanted out of her highchair. Rather than argue with her, I agreed and released her from her dinnertime prison. She still seemed agitated so I said, “Would you like to get naked?” This child loves to roam around sans-clothes, so the suggestion was met with enthusiasm. She ran over to me. “Socks! Pants! Shirt!” she commanded, as if I was unaware of how to undress a child.

When she was down to her diaper, she looked at me and said, “Bum?” Sure. I removed her diaper and she ran through the living room yelling, “Aked! Aked!” (She can’t quite say “naked” yet.)

I continued with my dinner, my husband began cleaning the kitchen, and Eleanor did laps through the living room, dining room and kitchen. A few minutes passed and my husband noticed our dogs doing some suspicious sniffing at the living room floor. He investigated and realized there was poop on the floor. Not dog poop—baby poop. Yes, in all her excitement, my daughter had left a little surprise for us on the floor.

My saint of a husband cleaned the floor and our kiddo, and I sat there shaking my head in amazement. I thought the incident was over, until I heard “Argghhh!” from the hubby. I turned to find him standing in yet another pile of poop in his bare feet. I had to laugh. I don’t know how things got out of control so quickly!

My sister had popped in for a visit. Not expecting the chaos that greeted her, she turned to me and said, “What is going on in this house?!”

The only explanation I had to offer is that I have a toddler. This is life in my house now. Sometimes things get frantic and, yes, sometimes there are poopy situations to deal with (such as an exploding diaper or the occasional bath time accident).  This is the reality of living with a toddler. Welcome to my world.

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