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Oh, Behave: making strange with grandma

My daughter is three. Recently, she’s started making strange whenever my mother-in-law comes over. She told me that nanny smells funny and her smile is scary. I try to reassure her that it’s just a different perfume and that her smile is the same. I don’t want to offend my mother-in-law either, but this is getting uncomfortable. How do I handle this?  KYLIE R, EDMONTON, AB

your husband to handle this situation. She is his mother, and things
can be easier in marriage if each of the spouses deals with their own
family. This can relieve the strain and make for a better
mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship.

Ask your husband to comment to his mom about your daughter’s behaviour and suggest that if everyone just accepts it, the visits
will be easier and the pressure will be off. Children make strange and
then they get over it. If Mom asks if there is anything she can do to
help (and only if she asks) your husband can suggest no perfume for a
while. Keep in mind (and reassure Gramma) that things that are scary at
three are nothing to a four-year-old. Besides, four will bring its own
brand of interesting challenges!

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