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Surviving the first trimester with a toddler

I’m 13 weeks pregnant and I’ve officially announced it to the world. As with my daughter I suffered/am suffering from multiple first-trimester symptoms. Most annoying but not limited to, extreme exhaustion and morning sickness. Now it’s hard to function on a normal basis with these symptoms, but add an energetic one-year-and-a-half-old toddler and you are in for a real “treat” my friends.

Now I’ve come into my second trimester energy and eating habits again, I can compose myself enough to give you some tips on how to survive. I am no master at all, but here is what helped:

  1. Buy pre-made/prepackaged foods. No, no, no sister I am not giving you free rain to eat pizza every night. I’m saying buy the precut veggies, frozen rice, veggie and meat bags and premade salads. I personally love the Fresh Express Kits that have a bunch of choices, based on craving (or aversion).
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  2. Have playdates outside your own house. This way you don’t have to worry if yours isn’t clean and your toddler can burn off their energy so they have a nice long nap. Plus, that way Momma bear can nap too. ;)
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  3. Learn the word “No”. Not to your child obviously (well at least all the time), but to people, work and other things. It’s nice to go above and beyond the call of duty, but not if it affects your sanity and low energy levels. See people and try and get back into doing things when you can, isolation, pregnancy and a toddler is a dangerous mix.
  4. Give yourself a break. You can’t be the perfect mommy and bake cookies when you are ready to hurl at the sight of eggs. Who cares if you wear that shirt two days in a row? People are always looking at your cute toddler anyways.
  5. Have a mommy friend to call on. I am lucky and have a great friend three blocks away who has a toddler the same age and is also pregnant. She feels my pain and we watch each others children when we just can’t handle it anymore. This is my life savior, especially with a husband that works out of town.
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Congratulations and good luck! If you have any other tips to help other moms please share them below!

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