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A child’s review of the annual Sweetwater Harvest Festival north of Toronto

The annual Sweetwater Harvest festival at the Wye Marsh is one of the top maple syrup events in Canada. The Midland-event will entertain, educate and engage people of all ages. The festival runs Saturday and Sunday.

Truthful kids’ reviews - parents canada
Truthful Kids’ Reviews

Read a review by 12-year-old Karine for the Ontario Family Travel North of Toronto’s ‘KIDS TALK’.

Karine is a regular reviewer for OFT and likes writing and figure skating.

“I recently went to the Sweetwater Festival with my family at the Wye Marsh. I had a great time!! When I got to the Festival we paid for admission which included an all-day pancake breakfast. We ate pancakes, sausages and juice, tea or coffee. It really filled me up!! 

Then we went outside and we looked at the owls and a couple of hawks. They weren’t caged in and we’re sitting freely outside. My favorite was the great horned owl. 

Maple creme caramel - parents canada
That’s what she’s talkin’ about!

Then we learnt how they make maple syrup. It was interesting to see how they did it. That was topped off with some fresh maple taffy!!! 

Then we headed out to the swan conservatory where the swans roam freely. I learnt about swans and how they got to be there. How some of them were found hurt or how others were born there. I even got a couple feet from a swan that was swimming around. It was funny watching my brother running away from the trumpeter swans!! 

We then went to the scout cabin where there were kid activities like colouring and face painting. Scouts showed us how to make a fire with a rock and a stick!!! 

Then we each took a handful of seeds and headed out to the observatory tower. At the top of the tower, we held out our hands and had chickadees eat seeds out of our palm. It was very funny the feel of their prickly feet and I tried really hard not to laugh when they came by. 

Sweetwater harvest festival  - parents canada
Not to be missed!

Then we got to make our own bannock grilled over a campfire. It was delicious!! 

Then we all took a nice walk down the boardwalk

To finish the day off we ate wye bean soup and watched a snake show all while admiring the beautiful quilted hats and savouring the homemade jams that were being sold. 

I had a great experience at the Sweetwater Festival and I hope to go again next year.”

There you have it. We hope Karine has as much fun, and more, this year!

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