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Are you prepared if your baby starts choking?

Mommy Connections is all about providing you with resources to be the best parent you can be. Choking is a common concern that most parents start to worry about once they start introducing solids to their babies. It’s a common worry that sometimes doesn’t even come up until you start introducing food to your baby and they start to have a hard time swallowing something and maybe start to cough!

This was a concern when I had my first child and it happend. Panic is what happend. Thankfully, that cut up, cooked carrot that was cooked soft did go down, but maybe for half a second (which felt like at least 5 minutes to me), she started to have a hard time and her eyes started to water while she tried to swallow.

We have introduced workshops such as the infant CPR workshop, which we are now offering throughout the country.

We offer this basic first aid workshop that covers airway, breathing and Ccirculation problems and how to recognize them in infants Learn skills that can save your child’s life with experienced infant CPR Trainers.

We will also be covering basic first aid, second-degree choking (swimming) and other resources for moms and dads. You are welcome to bring your baby to this event! We will have dummies there to test and learn on. 

If you want to register for this great, non-Certified hour-and-a-half workshop register online for more details. https://www.mommyconnections.ca/ridge-meadows/store/products/icpr-oct-reg-couple/

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