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Back-to-School Shopping 2008

TickTask Time Manager - Parents Canada

TickTask Time Manager

Never nag at your kids again to get them to complete a task.
They will brush their teeth, get changed for school and get out the door on time. “I can honestly say this is the fi rst week I’ve not had stress in the morning. My daughter actually got out the door on time and brushed her teeth, ate breakfast, got dressed without my saying a word. I was EARLY for work. I love it!”
Where to buy: fdmt.ca

Robi Comb
An electronic lice comb!
“My daughter shares riding helmets and we battle lice each summer. I love this product; it’s a bit of a game to wait to hear the lice get zapped.” Jen G.
Where to buy: liceguard.com
Baby Zoosters
Poly Zipper Binder from Hilroy. “Becca says she can’t wait to go to school with this binder. It’s like a binder that’s a stuffed toy. She keeps caressing it’s plush spine and smiling.”
Jamie V. $7.99
Where to buy: hilroy.ca



Vado Pocket Video Camera
Pocket-size video camera! Record up to two hours and download right to your computer.“I can’t believe how easy this is and how clear the video comes out. I carry it in my purse and never miss a great moment.”
Sharon P. $99
Where to buy: Best Buy Canada and creative.com
Impruv Cream
Specially formulated for atopic skin conditions and dry, sensitive skin. The cream is safe for children. “Finally a product I feel safe using on my child’s dermatitis. Wonderful cream.”
Amanda M.
75 ml tube: $15.99
Where to buy: Canadian pharmacies


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