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Birth With Care: Milton business helps you heal from a traumatic birthing experience

I’ve come to learn time and time again that many moms experience a “less than ideal” pregnancy or delivery.

A complication in the early months may warrant bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy, they may have delivered a very premature baby, they may have suffered through 20 or more hours of painful contractions, only to be told that a C-section was the only way to deliver their baby safely.

Each pregnancy and delivery is unique and a mom would be lying if she didn’t feel anxious, stressed or scared at some point in the process.

If you are a second-, third- or even fourth-time mom who has a hard time talking about a stressful, anxious or difficult labour, it’s important to remember that birth and motherhood are not just about baby, but about you as well. Many women replay their birth experience over and over, wondering what they could have done differently. Often, it can be difficult to talk about your child’s birth and hearing other women’s stories may create feelings of sadness, frustration or disappointment.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of learning more about a wonderful, Milton-based company, Birth With Care, which offers services where founder Nelia DeAmarel, a certified labour doula and prenatal yoga instructor, will help you process your last birth experience and see it in a new, more positive light.

Birthwithcare - birth with care: milton business helps you heal from a traumatic birthing experience

With over 14 years of experience, Nelia provides doula care, yoga classes and private prenatal/postpartum coaching for women who want a meaningful and holistic approach to their unique birth experience. She specializes in healing from a previous birth, especially if you are expecting again, and minimizing anxiety.

If you would like to learn ways to reduce general or specific anxieties and enjoy the process of birth and motherhood, Nelia is offering a one-hour private session for only $35 (regularly $80), which is available in person or via telephone until April 30.

Email nelia@birthwithcare.com or call 647-456-BABY (2229).

Get the experienced and qualified support you need. It will make all of the difference.

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