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Edible Gifts from the Kitchen

Christmas 2010

Every December, my house looks like this. (And I love it.)

Which is only part of the reason I try to minimize shopping trips and make edible gifts at home, warming the house with the smell of something delicious baking. (Besides, people have come to expect me to bring food wherever I go.) I find during the holidays there are so many people I like to acknowledge with a small gift of thanks – and I just don’t find gift cards and bath soaps all that personal. Something edible is inexpensive, creative, and comes from the heart – I also love that kids can get involved and invest themselves in personalized gifts for teachers, coaches, cousins and friends. (Have I mentioned there’s no need to battle mall crowds or find a parking spot?) The added bonus of making homemade presents in your own kitchen is the screen-free time you get to spend with your kids.

And so because I love food gifts AND kitchen challenges (I find it sporting to try to concoct something out of a virtually empty fridge) I accepted a challenge to help Canadians get creative with the new PC Insiders’ Collection and have some fun with their new products in my own kitchen as part of the #PCDishOut campaign.

Also? I heard they have British butter fudge. This is one of Mike’s favourite things, so I’m scheming. Check back on the weekend for my holiday creation – and I’ll be giving away a $100 gift card – which could go a long way to make your celebrations more delicious!


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