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Edmonton’s newest baby sleep help

We would love to welcome Zenful Baby Sleep to the Edmonton and surrounding areas as the newest sleep consultant. She is here to help us mamas and our babies/toddlers get some sleep! Here is Rhea’s story about her own struggles with her children’s sleep.


My name is Rhea Ramjohn and I now believe in the importance of sleep.

I am a mother of two beautiful, healthy and well spirited children. I am here in Edmonton to teach you how you can help your children sleep through the night for 11-12 hours and take long restful day time naps. My new found career didn’t begin until my princess was three months old. “Sleeping like a baby” for the first three months, my husband and I we relieved. Our first born, didn’t know what sleep was unless he was in his swing. The day he outgrew his swing, he was in and out of our bed till five years of age…sigh!

It wasn’t until I was fatigue, scatter brained and desperate (3 months later) that I found a solution to help my baby girl sleep at night. Placing her on a customized sleep plan sounded strange at first, but I was up for anything.  After days of following our plan, my baby girl was showing improvement of longer sleep patterns. Celebrating her small successes gave us hope of long peaceful nights ahead for our family. We are now blessed with a more healthy, well spirited, behaved and happy princess taking long daytime naps and sleeping through the night from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.! Not only are our children getting the optimal sleep they need, but my husband and I have the freedom and energy to spend time together again.

These results brought out passion and took me in a new direction to being a sleep consultant for the rest of my professional career. I now realize and understand how important sleep is for a family’s unity, health and well-being. With this knowledge and understanding I am pleased to be able to help other sleepless families solve their concerns and road blocks. I have personally trained with our local celebrity Dana Obleman, creator of Sleep Sense and became Edmonton’s Certified Sleep Consultant.

If you are a parent or know a parent of sleepless nights and are looking to being committed to solving your child’s sleep concerns once and for all, please feel free to contact me personally via e-mail or telephone at:

[email protected]  (780) 886-2442

You can also find Rhea on Twitter and Facebook!

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