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Former CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien: “Everyone’s definition of ‘having it all’ is different.”

Soledad O’Brien, former CNN anchor and mom-to-four (Sofia, 13, Cecilia, 11, and 9-year-old twins Charles and Jackson), recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about “having it all”, her production company Starfish Media Group and her incredible career. When asked if she has trouble balancing career and family?  She responds, “Yes, of course! Everyone’s definition of “having it all” is different. I’m sure mine is different than yours. I feel lucky and I thank God that my family is healthy, my husband is a great partner, we live where we do. You should work to make the life you want to have. I think that the key is finding what your ‘having it all’ is and then figuring out how to do it. You can’t worry about fulfilling everybody else’s ‘having it all.’”

When asked what it’s like to have a job most can only dream of having, Soledad shares, “It’s awesome and an amazing opportunity, and the traveling is usually crazy. We’ve also had all these great opportunities to meet incredible people and have a chance to do a great story. And that’s the incredible luxury. I feel very grateful for that. It is a great job that is truly amazing.” Several years ago, O’Brien started a charity that helps young women in their educational endeavors. She explains, “I started the organization with my husband after Hurricane Katrina. We saw all these young women who were trying to figure out how they could move forward in their lives when they lost everything. They didn’t have money for college or any resources at all. We started taking on young women after that, and then, four years ago now, we decided that we would get an executive director and make the foundation really official. Now we have twenty-five girls that we’re sending to and through college, and they’re doing really well. It’s been a really wonderful experience.”

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