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Mommy Connections launches a Saskatoon Mom-To-Be program

Mommy Connections Saskatoon is so excited to introduce its Prenatal Mom-To-Be program. And it’s not just for moms! Expectant fathers, other family members or friends are welcome, whoever you are sharing your journey into parenthood with!

This program will follow the model of our hugely successful Mom and Baby program! It will focus on connecting expectant moms with each other to share the joys, challenges and new experiences that growing a family brings.

Each week guest speakers will exploe a variety of topics, such as:

  • pre- and postnatal exercise
  • nutrition
  • chiropractic care
  • finances
  • cloth diapering 
  • post-partum moods
  • doula care 
  • a
    boot camp for new dads’ workshops

As always with our programs, there will be great swag from local and national sponsors and a complimentary photograph provided courtesy of Violet and Blue Photography. Classes will also include supper.

This is one of the most exciting times of your life and also potentially one of the most anxious. Who better to “get it” than another expectant mom?  As supportive as our other friends may be, they may lose interest after hearing just how tired you are for the umpteenth time. Come and share your experiences with those who do care, understand and empathise! Becoming a mother can be a pretty scary time and this is when you need your support network in place.

There will be no labour and delivery prepartion in the class because there are a number of options for that in Saskatoon. Saskatoon families can learn about that through the Health Region classes, midwives, privately through doulas and doula-led classes or the Bradley Method.

Watch this space for progress reports. The new Mom-To-Be program starts on March 14.

For more info, visit the Mommy Connections Saskatoon website.

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