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Need it, Want it, Gotta Have it

Check out our Need It! Want It! Gotta Have It! products for your health and wellness including a teddy bear, water bottle, popcorn maker and more.

Need bear - need it, want it, gotta have it CPR Teddy
This cute teddy helps you physically practise your infant and child CPR skills. Squeeze his paw and follow the recorded instructions for choking rescue and CPR. Perfect for helping kids and babysitters understand the importance of CPR training, plus a reminder to parents that CPR skills save lives! Training DVD included.
AVAILABLE AT: cprteddy.com
Need bottles - need it, want it, gotta have it Water Bottle Koozie
These Swarovski crystal personalized holders keep your water cold and show off a little style. Each holder can be customized with up to eight letters (bottles not included).
AVAILABLE AT: wildaboutbeads.ca
Need popcornmaker - need it, want it, gotta have it Cuisinart Easy Pop Popcorn Maker
In just five minutes, make up to 10 cups of popcorn. Choose the amount of oil and salt you use to keep your snack healthy.
AVAILABLE AT: Sears, London Drugs, The Bay and Home Outfitters
Need kettle - need it, want it, gotta have it T-Fal ActiFry
A healthier way to make French fries! The ActiFry cooks fries using only one spoonful of oil. A much healthier alternative to deep-frying.
Need listerine - need it, want it, gotta have it Listerine Whitening plus Restoring Flouride Rinse
Protects tooth enamel, fights cavities, and whitens teeth at the same time. Just twice a day and you really will notice the difference!
AVAILABLE AT: Retail outlets across Canada
$9.99 for 935 mL

Published March 2010

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