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Need It, Want It : Winter 2008

Johnsonsbed - need it, want it : winter 2008
Johnson’s Bedtime Bath

Sitting in warm water is a soothing experience and getting your baby warm, clean and dry is a great way to ease her into bedtime. Johnson’s Bedtime Bath gently cleanses and is specially formulated to help keep baby’s skin feeling soft.
“I am not sure who loves bath time more now; me or my daughter!” Jamie V, Hamilton, ON
$3.99 – $5.99
WHERE TO BUY: Wherever beauty and health aids are sold

Accucare thermometre - parents canadaAccuCare Temporal Artery Thermometre
Life Brand’s AccuCare Temporal Artery Thermometre reads temperatures in just two seconds. Feels as gentle as a hand against a face.
“Effective and has rapid results. I love that it’s easier and less invasive.” Sarah P, Waterloo, ON
WHERE TO BUY: Shoppers Drug Mart

Kodakframe - need it, want it : winter 2008Kodak Easyshare digital frame
Enjoy your family photos on the Kodak’s Easyshare M820 digital frame’s high-quality viewing screen. Easy control via a Quick Touch Border and the option of setting your images to music makes this digital frame fun and user-friendly.
“The images are crystal clear. My three-year-old was mesmerized watching the family photos.” Jennifer S, Calgary, AB
WHERE TO BUY: Best Buy, Future Shop and Staples Business Depot

Bodyshop - need it, want it : winter 2008
Buriti Baby from the Body Shop

Buriti Baby products are enriched with Amazonian buriti oil to nourish, nurture and help protect delicate baby skin… or any skin for that matter!
“Smooth and creamy. There’s no chafing and it smells fantastic.” Aimee J, Charlottetown, PEI
$13 – $20

Hortonwho - need it, want it : winter 2008Horton Hears a Who!
Escape to the Jungle of Nool with the loveable Horton the elephant. Enjoy it again (and again and again!). A family classic.
“My five-year-old can’t get enough of this movie. And, actually, neither can I!” Robin M, Burlington, ON
$43.48 single disc; $49.98 DVD gift set with Horton Plush $49.98
WHERE TO BUY: Stores across Canada this December

Mail4me - need it, want it : winter 2008Mail for Me
“Is there anything for me?” Now there can be. Each month your little one can have a creative surprise in the mail. Developed by mompreneurs and educators, Mail For Me delivers educational crafts by subscription.
“I love the ease of ordering something unique without the hassle of shopping. Also, I like the fact that I know the child is still receiving and enjoying the gift months after it was first given.” Nicole H, AB
Six months $45; One year $85
WHERE TO BUY: mailforme.ca

Campbellsbowl - need it, want it : winter 2008Campbell’s Healthy Request Microwaveable Bowls

Healthy was never so easy with lower sodium Healthy Request bowls. Nutritious and portable.
“I am a soup nut, but need to watch sodium. This is a great way for me to have my soup and eat it, too.” Jean J, Kelowna, BC
WHERE TO BUY: Grocery stores across Canada


Sleepingbag - need it, want it : winter 2008
Lola & Ben® Merino & Cotton Sleeping Bag

‘4 Seasons in 1 Bag’
Keep baby snug all year. A sleeping bag with a fully interchangeable merino liner.
“Snuggly, warm and the fabric is breathable. Victoria loves it!” Dana L, Moosejaw, SK
WHERE TO BUY: lolaben.com

Daysago - need it, want it : winter 2008DaysAgo Counter
Not sure what day you put that chicken in the fridge? The DaysAgo counter attaches to surfaces either through a magnet for metal surfaces, a suction cup, or a band. It has a digital screen that counts days after the touch of a button.
“I’m always throwing food away. This really helps me keep track of what is ready to toss and what we can still eat.” Vanessa W, Edmonton, AB
$10.00 (two per pack)
WHERE TO BUY: howmanydaysago.com

Killawatt - need it, want it : winter 2008
Kill A Watt

Wonder no longer if that old air conditioner is costing you money. With this amazing Kill A Watt device, you’ll know exactly ‘watts’ costing you.
“The Watt EZ electricity usage monitor actually allows you to input your local KWH rates so that it can tell you exact dollar figures the appliance is costing you. Amazing.” Naomi J, Nepean, ON
$29.95 to $99.95
WHERE TO BUY: CableOrganizer.com


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