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Products to Keep You Organized and In Shape – Need It Want It Gotta Have It!

 1. Easy Daysies
This schedule with 18 activity magnets creates a to-do list for kids (and parents). Post it in your child’s bedroom to help them stay on track (without nagging).
AVAILABLE AT: kidsmartshop.com
 2. Cougar Stroller by Chariot
Just in case chasing a toddler around isn’t giving you enough exercise, this stroller has optional conversion kits, including cycling, hiking and even skiing. Plus, it’s super comfy for kids.
AVAILABLE AT: chariotcarriers.com
$675 + conversion kits ($75–$225)
 3. Conversations To Go
Get your kids talking! Inside the little to-go box are tons of ideas to get the words flowing. Warning: once children start talking, they may never stop.
AVAILABLE AT: Major retailers across Canada

 4. Staples Frog Calculator
Who says math has to be boring? This cute calculator has a magnetic back, making it a fun
(and practical) addition to a school locker.
 5. Pritt Toy Story 3 Gluestick
Guaranteed that your child will need glue for a homework project, and you won’t have any. Stock up now!
 6. Crayola Pipsqueaks Wacky Tip Markers
These little markers are designed for little hands. Each has a unique tip to put a spin on colouring and drawing.
AVAILABLE AT: retailers across Canada

 7. Hilroy Customizable Binder
This fabric-covered binder provides a canvas for doodlers (a great alternative to drawing on desks, text books, shoes, etc). Comes with four markers.

 8. Party Band
Studies show that playing a musical instrument helps develop a child’s brain better than listening to recorded music, so let your little ones make
beautiful music with this set of five instruments.
AVAILABLE AT: intplay.com
 9. 5-in-1 Tasty Baker
The perfect post-sleepover breakfast. Makes waffles, pancakes, muffins or even eggs! All in the shapes of your favourite Toy Story characters. Disney Princess shapes also available.
poparttoasterstore.com or amazon.com
 10. Children’s Accudial
Back-to-school means germs are on their way. Accudial cold, allergy, pain and fever medications come with a two-part rotating label and calibrated measuring spoon to help parents deliver effective, weight-based doses. (See your doctor or pharmacist for more info.)
AVAILABLE AT: pharmacies and mass retailers across Canada
 11. Homework Box
Now your kids can’t justify not finishing their homework because they couldn’t find a stapler or ruler. Keep all necessary homework supplies in one convenient location (comes with several items to get

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