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Spring is coming, join a Mommy Connections program.

Mc cover photo - spring is coming, join a mommy connections program.

8 week programs starting soon!

Spring is fast approaching (FINALLY!) and so are the long days at the park with your little one!  Wouldn’t it be great to have a group of moms to chat with while your little ones kicked the ball around with their new friends?
Join a Mommy Connections Program today and meet moms in your neighborhood!  – Just in time for puddle jumping with that special someone 🙂

Or new to this whole Mommy thing? And have a little one that is not quite old enough to puddle jump but still need to get out and meet others.


These programs open for registration and starting soon!

April 5th – Mom & Tot ~ Leduc & Beaumont 

April 8th- Mom & Baby ~ Beaumont

March 15th- Mom & Baby ~ Leduc

April 13th- to Be ~ Leduc & Beaumont

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