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Start gardening with your kiddies

As the sun popped out for two days in B.C., I have never been more excited! 

In my excitement, I visited the Amsterdam Greenhouses’ nursery garden to start checking out plants and I was a little too eager to start my veggie garden. I am ready to “attempt” having fresh veggies from the garden this season. I don’t naturally have “a green thumb,” but I have heart. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

My daughter Ashyln has also been very excited about having her own garden. She’s dug up my garden beds and made mud piles the moment the sun comes out, even if it’s only briefly. We decided we were going to make her own garden bed beside her playhouse this year, so she doesn’t butcher my garden, or better yet, my plants. 

When I was at the Nursery, they were incredibly helpful and gave me loads of tips. The best part is that they have a few free workshops and events that I just had to share!

What are you doing on Saturday, March 16th? Amsterdam’s Nature Day Event!

They have a free presentation that runs from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. about owls, hawks and falcons living amongst us. The kids can come check them out up close!

At 2 p.m., there’s a free class for budding gardeners. (This is perfect for my little gardener in the making.) Kids can plant their own plants and take them home. Registration is required and for kids who are aged seven and younger need adult participation. You can register by emailing them or calling at 604-465-6614.

There are also
free kids activities and fabulous hourly door prizes, all day long!

Getting the kids involved with gardening gets them to enjoy playing in the fresh air. It also introduces them to the wonderful world of plants and that we need to respect them. Plus, having a veggie garden can help your kid actually EAT their veggies. (Who wouldn’t want to eat their own freshly grown veggies?)

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