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Thoughts From Janice: Time to Recharge Your Batteries

Janice - thoughts from janice: time to recharge your batteriesA teacher friend of mine thinks of the summer as one long weekend, comparing July to Saturday and August to Sunday. That said, we’re heading into Sunday. For my husband and I, it’s one week without children down, two to go.

Our daughters, 14 and 11, are at camp for three weeks, their fifth summer in a row. I’m not sure who was more excited to see that bus pull away from the mall, the screaming kids already singing camp songs, or the high-fiving parents.

Now before you start thinking I send my kids to camp so that I can get some time away from them, nothing could be further from the truth. The benefits of summer camp run the length of a canoe, and our kids haven’t stopped talking about camp since we retrieved them last summer, brown as berries, golden-haired and glowing.

But I can’t deny the time away from our kids has become a definite perk to sending them to camp. My husband and I can clean our house without it getting messed up, we’re in charge of the remote control for once and we take care of a laundry list of neglected household repairs. I know what you’re saying – stop with the exotic romance!

OK, seriously, we do go out for nice dinners and theatre and reconnect with each other. And after about two and a half weeks, we start to miss the noise and chaos that a house with children brings. We count down the days until we see our kids emerge from the woods dragging their duffle bags towards the minivan.

But until then, it sure is quiet around here.

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Published in August 2010

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