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Try out the children’s programs at your local library

I have a confession to make, I love the smell of library books. I love the sense of quiet and calm that comes with walking into a library. I love the knowledge and tales of fiction the shelves allude to as you walk by.

Since having my daughter, I’ve had the pleasure of reacquainting myself with the local library as I sign her up for a number of wonderful children’s programs.

She’s happily attended a baby’s first storytime group and now a toddler session. She’s currently enrolled in a weekly, craft-based activity class and she returns home each week toting her latest creation. She’s played with glitter, glue, dried pasta and finger paint.

Here’s one of her many creations.

Librarycraft - try out the children's programs at your local library

I love the sense of community fostered while being at the library. I highly recommend you visit your respective library’s website and/or pick up their printed pamphlet to learn about the various programs they offer. Many of them are free or cost very little for local residents.

Have you attended a local children’s program in Oakville, Burlington or Milton that you would recommend?    

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