• Soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers

    Soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers

    Kids love to be in charge on Mother’s Day – and making breakfast is a great way for them to contribute to a lazy, decadent morning.

  • Layered granola berry parfait

    Layered granola berry parfait

    Young kids will love spooning granola and yogurt into a tall glass, then dropping in some berries – no matter how it goes in, it will taste delicious, and kids will be proud to have made it themselves.


  • Easy baked eggs benny

    Easy baked eggs benny

    Although it’s a brunch favourite, poached eggs make Eggs Benedict notoriously difficult to prepare for a crowd.

  • Bacon-stuffed cornmeal waffles

    Bacon-stuffed cornmeal waffles

    A snow day is a great excuse to stay in your jammies and make a big deal of breakfast. These cornmeal waffles make a tasty vehicle for crisp bacon. Lie strips directly onto the batter as it cooks. Douse with maple syrup.


  • Blueberry & White Chocolate Chunk Scones

    Blueberry & White Chocolate Chunk Scones

    This is a great basic scone recipe to warm you up on snowy, wintry weekends. Swap other berries, dark chocolate, dried fruit or chopped nuts to do your own thing.

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