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One #twinmoms genius hack for showering while alone with newborns

Shoulders and hair of woman-presenting person in shower rinsing out shampoo from long dark hair with white tiled shower background

In the realm of newborns, a shower may feel like a holy grail item. We love how this mom flipped the script and took charge with this genius hack.

After the labour and delivery, that sloth-paced car ride home, and the onslaught of helping hands all around, you’re left with endless alone time with your new bundle (or bundles) of joy.

Translation: No one is there when you need to take a g*ddam shower.

You do what you can do—wet wipes work wonders on adult underarms. But for many moms, opportunities to thoroughly hose oneself down are slim. We love how Bex (@heyitsbex__)—who had never washed up solo while caring for her 19-week-old twins—hacked the elusive shower with her newborns.

With nary an opportunity to herself where she’s not tending to, or covered in, her sweet twins (minus a teeny window with her partner home from work), she had the genius idea: bring her little ones into the bathroom in their portable baby seats, then use a cheap CLEAR SHOWER CURTAIN (!!!) to keep a watchful eye while getting physically and emotionally rinsed:

Woman-presenting person smiling as she steps out of shower with pink towel wrapped around brown hair.
Looks like @heyitsbex__ feels like a million bucks. Smart mama!

Those of us with older kids still feel pangs of sympathy (and tbh, pain) remembering just how challenging and emotionally draining it is to do anything in those first days, weeks, months.

We applaud this mom’s ingenuity and love her for sharing it to help other parents ripe with emotion and, well, you know. What’s your best tip for a new parent figuring out that #newbornlife?

Safety tips for baby while you shower alone

Not all babies will panic if left in their crib or bassinet for 10 minutes. But if your newborn hates to be alone, or you’re too stressed worrying about them to even enjoy the shower, here’s how to make sure they stay safe on the bathroom floor:

  • Get them fed, freshly changed, and otherwise content before you hop in. This way you’ll (hopefully) have more time to cleanse.
  • Turn on the bathroom fan. This will lift away excess steam and maybe even lull them to sleep. Keep the door open, too, so your baby gets lots of fresh air. No one likes a stuffy bathroom—even newborns.
  • A portable bassinet is ideal. Portable play pens are also good, but they’re usually too large for bathrooms. Standard rules apply: no blankets, pillows or stuffies that pose a safety hazard. Alternatively, a small play mat will do since newborns can’t fall off the floor. Just be mindful of wriggling—it’s amazing how far they really can move.
  • Avoid the splash zone. Keep them in sight, but not where they could get sprayed every time you rinse your hair.
  • Keep chatting. Theoretically, if they can still hear you, they’ll keep their cool. Give them a play-by-play of what you’re doing: “Now I’m picking up the shampoo. I bought it on sale. It smells like the salon I haven’t been to in months…”
  • Keep an eye on them. Just glance over every few minutes. We love Bex’s clear shower curtain idea for this reason.
  • Infant car seats are not recommended (sorry). If snugly harnessed and kept on the floor, experts say babies can stay in the car seat for short durations. But look for alternatives that will serve both you and your baby better in the months to come.

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