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10 Foolproof Snacks to Serve at a Child’s Birthday Party

Party Snack Ideas

Birthday Party Snack Ideas

Once you’ve secured the venue and finalized the guest list, the next most important thing is always the food. Read on for 10 foolproof snacks to serve at your kiddo’s birthday party.

Planning the menu for a child’s birthday party seems like it should be an easy thing, but when you consider the likes and dislikes of little guests, dietary restrictions, the variation in table manners and more, it can actually be a little more stress than you bargained for.  That’s why we’ve rounded up a handful of easy to make and easy to serve party snack ideas that should work for all of the palates at the party. 

1. Mini pizzas: If you have access to an oven and the guest list isn’t too long, top-your-own pizzas are always a hit. Set up a toppings station and allow kids to assemble their pizzas in shifts. No way to bake mini pizzas? There’s no shame in ordering from your favourite local pizza joint. 

2. Fruit or veggie and cheese kabobs: Who doesn’t like a kabob? Thread colourful fruits like grapes, strawberries and melon balls onto skewers and serve with vanilla yogurt for dipping. For a savoury option, try cubes of cheese with chopped bell pepper, chunks of cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Go with Caesar or ranch dressing for dip.  

3. Flavoured popcorn: You can’t go wrong with popcorn. Pop a big batch and portion out into bags, then set up a toppings station for added fun. You can include caramel, chocolate sauce or melted butter for drizzling (just make sure the squeeze bottles have tiny spouts and the station has a supervisor!), or powered cheese or nacho topping for sprinkling. 

4. Tea sandwiches: Okay, you aren’t serving tea, but you know what we mean. Think tiny sandwiches you’d see at a high tea. Try nut or Wow Butter with jelly, ham and cheese or cream cheese and cucumber as fillings, and use fun cookies cutters to cut them into shapes. 

5. Veggies and dip: Are you even hosting a party if you don’t have a crudité platter? If all else fails, kids at the party will be able to find something they like on a veggie platter. Go with the classic options—baby carrots, sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, chopped bell pepper—and serve with ranch or hummus for dipping. Add cheese cubes for a hit of protein if you like.

6. Chicken nuggets: Show us a child who doesn’t like chicken nuggets. Go ahead, we’ll wait. If you have access to an oven, throw in a few trays of nuggets or tenders and serve with a dipping bar of ketchup, plum sauce and ranch. 

7. Kid-sized sliders: Burgers are pretty much always a hit. Sliders are perfect for summer birthdays because you can serve them right off the grill. (No access to an oven or BBQ? You can easily fully cook burgers ahead of time. Just keep the patties warm and put them in buns at the venue.) 

8. Cheese and cracker platter: Pick up a few different kinds of kid-friendly cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, marble, Swiss—steer clear of the really stinky stuff) and cut into cubes. Add a bunch of different types of crackers and a few bowls of fresh berries or sliced fruit.

9. Make-your-own party mix: This is the best “recipe” there is. Buy your favourite snack foods—pretzels, granola clusters, Shreddies or Chex mix, chocolate-covered raisins, etc.—and mix ’em up in a big bowl. That’s it. You’re welcome. 

10. Rice Krispy treats: There’s a reason this snack has been a favourite of kids for decades. They only require four ingredients—puffed rice cereal, marshmallows, butter and vanilla—and they can be customized 8000 different ways. Add a different type of cereal. Add sprinkles. Mix in M&Ms. The list goes on.

Now that you’ve got the food covered, there’s one other thing to remember: hydration. Make sure water is readily available, especially if you intend to have the kids running, jumping and playing. You can include liquid flavour boosters on the table, for fun. Another option is to clear permission for kids to have juice or soda before parents leave. Hopefully you’re feeling inspired by all of our party snack ideas!

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