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How to Plan an Epic Birthday Dance Party

Dance Party Birthday

Dancing is so much fun, no matter how skilled the dancer (well, maybe not if you’re watching too much Dance Moms). If your little rhythmic wonder is spinning for epic dance party birthday party, we can help to make sure your efforts don’t result in an Abby Lee Miller-worthy meltdown.

From a young age with my two kids, all it took was some lengths of ribbon glued to a stick and some good music for time to fly as they danced their little hearts out. Years passed, and while they still love to dance, new innovations in both video availability and video game technology really took dance to different places. Decorations and activities may change depending on the genre of dance you’re using as a theme (ballerina décor is very different from swing-dancing décor, for example) but with some minor tweaking (I said tweaking, not twerking!) our party thought-starters are interchangeable. 

Entertainment and Activity Ideas 

You can easily turn your venue of choice into a vibrant birthday dance party with just a little planning. The decorations can be colourful and bright, even if you don’t find anything specifically music- or dance-related. Repurpose or find some mirrors at your local thrift store and give your space the look of a professional studio. Keep reading for activity ideas, as well as how to make the party agenda age appropriate.

Toddler/Preschool: Those aforementioned ribbon sticks and a bopping soundtrack are perfect for both to individual or group performances. Classics like musical chairs or Simon Says with a dance twist can make for fun, friendly competition as well.

Middle Childhood: Chances are you or someone you know has a Nintendo Wii or Switch. “Just Dance” can be a fun way to get kids jamming along to a variety of music types. If it’s not in your arsenal already and borrowing isn’t an option, used ones can be found on Facebook Marketplace. Some communities have toy lending libraries, too, so you may be able borrow a game system. Would you rather go the route of singing over dancing? A karaoke machine is always a good time.

Young Teen/Teenager: Teens are less free spirited and maybe a little more controlling with their musical choices. Discuss with parents ahead of time, but your party guests are likely going to be game for a video-making social media contest (you don’t even have to post the videos but you can use the tools on Tiktok or Instagram). Word to the wise: Be careful if you plan to participate. You could be mocked for all eternity depending on your song selection.

What to Serve at a Dance-Themed Birthday Party 

Depending on the style of dance and music you are showcasing, you can adjust staple party items to fit the theme. Cotton candy, pink lemonade, pastel jelly beans, etc. are perfect for the ballerina party. Cupcakes with licorice sneaker laces will be a hit if you’re catering to a little hip hop lover. Considering your party guests will be on their feet from the moment they arrive, be sure to a water and punch station (be sure to come up with a funky name for your concoction!). Go with light finger foods and snacks—heavy treats may not mesh well with all of the movement. Don’t even think about trying to decorate a round cake as a record or CD (all together now: “Mom and Dad, what’s a CD??”), but the iTunes logo isn’t that hard to pipe.

Loot Bag Ideas 

Think ribbons or a hula hoop (good idea, right?) for the rhythmic crowd, hair accessories for the ballet twirlers, fuzzy dice and tiny Air Jordan sneaker keychains for the rappers. Once you get past the theme specific hurdles, the options of musically based trinkets and supplies are endless. iTunes cards for the older crowd would be a chart topper for sure.

Extra Tips and Tricks 

Whether you’re running with your child’s taste in dance or music, or attempting to introduce something new and fresh, get them involved in the planning. They can help to create the playlists, choose colours and make suggestions for decorations. You could even work with them to create a memorable dance birthday party video invitation. Please remember that your guests and their families potentially have different takes on what is acceptable for both dance and music selections, so be mindful of what makes the cut to play during the party. Also, please understand that your running man or robot might not be acceptable to anyone.

Looking for more tips, tricks, ideas and recipes to plan the perfect party? Check out our birthday hub.

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