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What is a plant-forward diet?

A plant-forward diet is about the movement towards including more plant-based foods and fewer animal ones in your everyday eating.

How to treat infected tonsils and adenoids

Tonsils and adenoids play a key role in the immune system. So what happens when they get infected?

Ask a Dietitian: Are eggs actually a healthy choice?

Eggs are not only packed with nutrition, but they’re also convenient and economical, making them smart choices to include on a regular basis on your menu. The confusion about the downside of eating eggs is based on old scientific research about cholesterol from decades ago and is a misconception that simply won’t go away.

Ask the Expert: What causes cold sores?

Everything you need to know about those pesky cold sores.

The Number One Reason Your Family Should Take Omega-3

Tips why Omega-3s are a must-have nutrient in your family’s diet.

How to handle your child’s inguinal hernia

Inguinal hernias are not uncommon in kids.

Ask a Dietitian: Tips on fruit and veggie costs and preparations

Eating more produce packed with nutrients and assorted health-promoting compounds offers a variety of perks including easier weight management and a decreased likelihood of developing many chronic diseases.

Nutrition recommendations for infants from six to 24 months

Not only have the suggested foods changed, but also when to begin feeding solids.

The need for balance in my life

Over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling more and more overwhelmed and off balance. This time of year should be about family and togetherness, but instead I feel like I’m constantly behind and trying to catch up.
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Ask a dietitian: Should I be opting for whole milk and other full-fat dairy products for my family?

For children two and under, whole dairy milk is definitely recommended but for the rest of us, youngsters included, eating less saturated fat is still advised.

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