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10 Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a tough time for many people, with difficult gatherings and family interactions. Dr. Christine Korol gives us expert tips for setting healthy boundaries. Every year when the holidays approach, I get questions about how to keep the peace with extended family. Is there anything that can...

6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween That Aren’t Trick-or-Treating

Most of us grew up thinking that trick-or-treating is the gold standard in Halloween celebration, but not all kiddos are into the door-to-door candy mission. Here are some alternatives.

25 Quick-Fire Questions with Cat & Nat

With seven kids between them, Cat & Nat know just how lonely and isolating motherhood can be, so they made it their mission to bring women and moms together. Their rapidly-exploding community of like-minded mamas tune in every day to watch them rewrite the paradigm of “the perfect mom.”...

Do Babies Dream? And 10 Other Newborn Questions Answered

Now that your little bundle has arrived, welcome to the baffling world of parenting and searching for answers to random questions for the rest of time. We’ve got the answers to 11 newborn queries you’ve no doubt already considered. Do babies dream? You’re bound to notice smiles, sighs, twitching limbs or...

How to Teach Your Kids to Use Inclusive Language

Making sure children have the right words to express themselves and respect the identities of others is a priority now more than ever.

Parents, Let Yourselves Off the Hook for Screen Time

It's easy to worry about how much time your kiddo spends in front of the television, tablet or computer during physical distancing. One expert tells us why you shouldn't overthink it.

Autism Awareness or Acceptance? Why We Should Shift Our Language

Each year, April 1 marks the start of International Autism Awareness Month. Mayors in many cities around the world raise a symbolic flag, and awareness campaigns are often launched on World Autism Awareness Day, April 2. But autism advocacy groups are calling on the public and media outlets to...

19 Ways ParentsCanada Talk Radio Taught Us to be Better Moms and Dads

Something entirely unexpected happened in my role as co-host of ParentsCanada Talk Radio: I became a much better dad. I’m more patient and collaborative, better at anticipating mental health issues and report card meltdowns. We’re in the late stages of the pandemic, yet my crew at home is happier...

Why I Wish My Kids Had My Last Name

My kids have my husband's last name, but it was by default. Why wasn’t my surname an option? It's time to review all the rules of marriage and family, for better or for worse.

Creamy Cauliflower and Onion Gratin with Sesame Bread Crumbs

Potatoes are out (only temporarily) and cauliflower is in. This gratin smothers thick slabs of the tender veg in a creamy sauce and lots of cheese. The bread crumb studding is optional, but a highly delicious addition.

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