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Lessons learned after having a baby

Dear Pre-Baby Me,

Almost two years has passed since you have become a mother and now you even have another on the way. I’d like to share with you some things that I wish you knew.

Don’t be a judgey pants. Being a stay at home mom is not JUST being a stay at home mom. It is a lot of work taking care of a baby. Feeding, clothing, chasing, teaching and keeping another human being safe at all times if a big task. It is emotionally, mentally and physically challenging. You share your food, home, personal space and body with another person. At all times. No hour lunch breaks at the hottest place or beers after work to relax.

That being said, it is amazing. You have no idea just how much you can love another human being. If I’m talking to the “I don’t want children ever” Jenny, you are so lost. You will be so happy when you change your mind further in life. People post a million pictures of their children on Facebook, because they truly do think they are the best thing in the world. (And they are right.)

Negative thoughts put into your head from movies, other people and so on are only true if you make them true. “Babies ruined my body”, “You will never sleep again” and “Say goodbye to your social life” are things you shouldn’t listen to. Work hard for the body you want (which you have to do without babies), they do eventually sleep and I love my social moms groups. So there. :p

Lastly a few things I’d like you to do for me. Learn to cook a proper meal now, enjoy napping on Sundays instead of being all ambitious every single weekend and research options for working from home. You will think you will want to continue to work after baby, but you just might never know.

Enjoy your journey and see you in a few years when your life is most certainly the best it’s ever been.


Mom, wife and still Jenny. :)

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