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America’s Got Talent judge and Project Runway host Heidi Klum: “I try to live my bucket list.”

America’s Got Talent judge and Project Runway host Heidi Klum chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop about being a mom to daughters Leni, 9  and Lou, 4, and sons Henry, 8, and Johan, 7, how she balances her life, and what’s up next for the star. When asked her favorite part about being a mom, Heidi shares, “That is so hard, because there are so many amazing things. I would say the love that you feel with a child. For me, having a family is life and I understood once I had children how amazing it is, and that nothing else is really important but them.” When asked how she balances family and career, Heidi said, “I think I do it like other working moms, it’s just that for me, other people get to see it because I am on TV and do different things. When other moms go to an office from nine to five, I go into a studio and shoot something. It’s the same, but it just looks different from the outside. When asked about her kids, Heidi shared, “My older son Henry, who is eight years old, is really into flag football now. The kids also love painting, soccer, karate, and gymnastics. Heidi has accomplished so much in her career and we asked her what else was on her bucket list. Heidi said, “To be honest with you, I try to live my bucket list. I try to do it all now, because I have the opportunity to. I feel like I am doing my bucket list. If I want to go somewhere, I go there, and if I want to do something, I do it. I am very fortunate that way and I know that. I know that a lot of people have to save money to go to a certain place, and I understand that not everyone can do that. I feel like I am doing my bucket list now.”

What’s up next for Heidi? “I start shooting America’s Got Talent and I already did castings in New York two weeks ago, then I go back to New York to do America’s Got Talent and then I go right into Project Runway.  I will move my whole family to New York and we will stay there this summer.” She is also busy with her new children’s line Truly Scrumptious which features cribs and bedding, lamps, rugs, and stickers for the wall, strollers, and diaper bags. The line also includes boy’s and girl’s clothes, which go from infant up to five years old.

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