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Astrology for kids: What to expect from Gemini

illustration of gemini on a pink background

Born between May 21 and June 20, Gemini are fire signs, social butterflies and the twins of the zodiac. They’re quick to change their moods, their friends and their minds but are full of love and fun. 

Know a Gemini? The May/June babes are known as the twins so don’t be surprised if you feel like your little one packs a double personality. Not exactly Jekyll and Hyde, more quick to switch moods, which can come in handy when they’re upset or in need of a distraction. But patience will be learned (by you both) as they grow and keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Geminis are playful and their dual-moods will keep you both on your toes. As they grow they’ll swap interests and juggle hobbies and passions. Don’t give up on them if they want to sign up for all of the extracurriculars and end up quitting halfway through for the next great thing.

Geminis are also the communication sign. They want to know why and are very curious and wise. This part of them may produce an early talker and reader. Don’t be surprised if they take to baby signing quickly, Gemini also pulls rank on the hands. Prepare yourself for a lot of questions, but don’t forget that these inquiries aren’t meant to drive you wild. Instead, these constant qs come from a place of genuine curiosity. Your Gemini is just equipping themself with knowledge. If their focus stays in check (it’s hard being two-in-one), you’ll probably have an excellent pupil on your hands. 

As part of their love of communication, your Gemini is likely to have an active social life. Staying in touch with their friends will be very important to them. Their quick wit will help soften the blow of their speedy tempers. As quickly as their upset arrives, it will part and you’ll both be laughing about the next thing. 

And while they’re great at making flash decisions and changing their mind, they’ll need a helping hand to guide them through the bigger, more permanent changes and choices that come with growing up. 

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