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Big Time Rush actress Challen Cates: “My life with children feels like a brand new, amazing, fulfilling adventure.”

Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush actress Challen Cates recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her two kids – son Colton, 8, and daughter Jasper, 5, her best tips for balancing work and motherhood, and her new winery. When asked about her kids, Challen shared, “They are into everything! Colton is really loving baseball right now, and Jasper is into dance and musical theatre. Honestly, she wakes up singing and doesn’t stop until she falls asleep – it’s like her life is one big, beautiful musical. It’s so amazing to experience things through your kid’s eyes, so we try to explore as many parks, monuments, sports, activities, and arts as possible.” When asked if she feels motherhood has changed her, she said, “Motherhood has completely changed me! My life with children feels like a brand new, amazing, fulfilling adventure. So many things surprise me about parenthood, most of all, the fact that you never ever stop thinking about your kids. Even when they aren’t physically in my presence, they are on my mind. I’m tired, but I wouldn’t trade the exhaustion for anything.” When asked how she balances motherhood and a busy career, she said, “Finding balance and prioritizing is always a working mom’s biggest challenge. Family is my first priority, but I also need to feel productive and creative – being creative makes me happy and a happy mom is a better mom.” And how does she do it? “Going over the next day’s schedule, finding “me time,” having a support group of friends or family, not overscheduling and giving yourself a break are ways that work for us.”

You can find Challen next in the movie Chasing the Devil and A Million Ways to Die in The West.  She also has a new web series called Namaste Bitches. Besides acting, she also has a new winery called Challen Winery.

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