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Actress Elizabeth Röhm: “I love that my daughter now loves to read because I love to read.”

Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with Elizabeth Röhm to chat about daughter Easton, life as a mom, and her involvement with infertility issues. When asked what kind of a mom Easton would say she is, Elizabeth said, “She always tells me that I’m the greatest mom in the world. What I think she means by that is I’m fun. I engage with her and I like to keep her curious mind alive. I laugh with her, nurture her, and don’t ignore her. I think I’m present.” She also said her favorite mommy and me memory is the moment she’s about to have that excites her.

Elizabeth is a huge literacy advocate and recommends parents love reading themselves and put some life into it, be excited about it, come home and say, ‘Let’s read what happens next in Harry Potter!’ She shared, “I love storytelling because it mirrors our human experiences. You can light that love in your child and make them fall in love with storytelling. Storytelling is all about truth…you’re coming to terms with your truth. You identify with characters in movies and books, and if you love that, then your children will love it too. My mother and stepmother love to read, and I love that my daughter now loves to read because I love to read. We’re reading Harry Potter and we love it. Easton is getting ready to turn six in April, so she’s just learning to read. I think it’s a pretty big accomplishment that she’s letting me read her a 400-page novel!”

Elizabeth recently took part in Fertility Planit, an all-fertility focused show featuring leading fertility experts. At the show, the actress spoke about motherhood, her personal journey with IVF and her book Having the Child I Always Wanted (Just Not As Expected).  Röhm said, “I think we all need a friend and a safe place to be able to tell our truth. Secrets are sickness and suffering in silence is not advised.  We all need human connection and compassion. Turning a subject that is taboo into something that is open is also comforting.”Elizabeth has also been keeping busy filming a pilot for TNT called Guilt by Association and she also has a new movie out.

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