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How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan: “This year I am thankful for being a mom to the best two girls on the planet.”

How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan recently chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop about her two daughters – Satyana, 4, and Keeva, 18 months (with husband of ten years Alexis Denisof), how life got busier with two kids and her upcoming holiday plans. When asked about her daughters, Alyson shared, “Being a mom is simply the best thing I have ever done. My kids make me laugh and smile every day. Satyana is very into dressing herself and everything has to be bright pink or purple. If it glows or is shiny that is even better. Keeva really wants to be like her big sister and follows Sati around. At this point, they really get along and love being together which is great.” How has life changed for Alyson since having the 2nd child? She says, “Having two is a lot harder! When I only had one, I thought I was busy, but now that time seems like a piece of cake. I’m an only child so the biggest thing for me was making sure that Sati was ready and excited for a new baby sister.”

As for the holidays, Alyson said, “We will be at home for Christmas this year. I think the girls are worried that if we went somewhere else Santa might not be able to find us! The holidays are a very magical time of year and I look forward to starting traditions we will keep up every year. This year I am thankful for being a mom to the best two girls on the planet, and for having a great husband. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary!”


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