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E! News Anchor Catt Sadler talks balancing work and home

Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with E! News weekend co-anchor Catt Sadler who dished on sons Arion, 8, and Austin, 12.

She said that Austin is really into making movies and already has a YouTube channel. “He is the next massive director, I kid you not. He’s been making movies since he was five-years-old. He is into all things pop culture,” she says. “He’s an incredible artist and my mom and I tease that in ten years we are going to work for him.” The family just made a family Harlem Shake video.

Catt says she balances work and home by having a lot of support from family and friends. Whatever she’s doing, she tries to be present. “If I’m at work, I’m at work. If I’m with my kids, the phone is down and I am locked in. It’s really all about focusing on what’s in front of me,” she says.

Catt recently hosted the Pre-Fashion Week Launch Party in support of the Women Like Us Foundation. The organization was co-founded by Catt’s mother Linda Rendleman and inspires, empowers, and engages women to make a difference globally and nationally.

“It’s so great to be in a room where everyone comes to support a cause that matters!”

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