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Flower Pot Bank

Craft flowerpot bank - flower pot bankYOU’LL NEED

  • Terra cotta pot (10 cm)
  • Green modeling dough
  • Marked coin rolls
  • Clear plumbing tubes of various diameters (sold in inches, about 15/8-inch for toonies and loonies, 11/4-inch for nickels and quarters, 1-inch for dimes and pennies – test coins at the store.)
  • Utility knife
  • Craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Permanent marker
  • Garden-themed decals


  1. Squish modeling dough into terra cotta pot.
  2. Measure two lengths each of the small and medium tubes to about 30 cm. Measure two lengths of the largest tube at about 20 cm.
  3. Carefully cut tubing using a utility knife.
  4. Push the tubing in the modeling dough in the position you like. Carefully pull each tube out so that the modeling dough comes out with it. Then replace tube. Eventually, the dough will dry out. The dough in the tube acts as a plug for the coins so that they don’t sink below the level of the pot out of sight.
  5. Cut craft foam into mini “crowns” to create flowers.
  6. Using a glue gun or tape, put the petals around the tops of each tube, leaving the tubes exposed at the following lengths: • penny (12 cm=$1); • quarter (17 cm=$20);• nickel (14 cm=$4);• loonie (5 cm=$25);•  dime (14 cm=$10);•  toonie (5 cm=$50)
  7. Mark the value of each full tube on the flower heads.
  8. Decorate the tubes and pot with adhesive decals.
  9. Watch your money grow!

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