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Get into the holiday spirit at Springridge Farm

Cool, crisp air and bright sunshine combined to make the perfect day for my daughter’s first nursery school field trip. Accompanied by her very own entourage, including myself, two grandmas and one grandpa, we arrived at Springridge Farm in Milton, Ont.

Image 3 - get into the holiday spirit at springridge farm

What an amazing place for families!

I had driven by Springridge in the past, joined their e-newsletter and always thought we really should check them out. Her class trip provided the perfect opportunity.

Her school had pre-organized a morning which featured the farm’s popular gingerbread making whereby the little tots were treated to their own flour, gingerbread dough, icing and smarties in order to create a gingerbread boy or girl for themselves; what a great activity we could do together! She helped roll out the dough, line the baked treat with icing and carefully position the smarties and ta da! (her new favourite expression) the little man was complete.

Image 2 - get into the holiday spirit at springridge farm

After we finished our activity, we were permitted to visit the chickens, goats, turkeys and the very cute “Bunnyville.” Lately, my daughter has started to identify animals by the sounds they make: a horse says “neigh”, a cow says “moo”, a pig says “oink” – so visiting the livestock provided a mini lesson in new animals noises.

Image 5 - get into the holiday spirit at springridge farm

However, by far her favourite new friend at the farm was Hudson, the farm dog, whom she literally followed around the property.

Photo 2 - get into the holiday spirit at springridge farm

Hudson, I’ll follow you anywhere….

Image 4 - get into the holiday spirit at springridge farm

Once the morning was complete, she fell asleep within 10 minutes of being packed into the car – all that fresh air, walking and new experiences tuckered her right out.

I highly recommend Springridge Farms as an excellent family outing. With the beginnings of the holiday season upon us, the farm is gearing up for a number of festivities; I encourage you to visit their website and/or join their e-newsletter for more details.

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