Pretty pencil holder

By Susan Rogers on July 29, 2013
Hold all your school supplies in this pencil holder.

You'll need:

colourful book or magazine for recycling
a pencil or knitting needle
an empty soup tin
white glue


1. Remove the label and wash empty soup tin.

2. Starting at one corner of each flat book or magazine page, make a tube by rolling one page at a time around a pencil or knitting needle until the roll is completed at the opposite corner from where you started. Glue the outside corner to the back of the tube.

3. Cut straight across the bottom of each roll with scissors to random lengths.

4. Glue the trimmed rolls all the way around the outside of the tin so the straight-edged bottom of each roll lines up with the bottom of the tin.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, August/September 2013.

By Susan Rogers| July 29, 2013

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