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Cereal: Quick breakfast tips

Family drinking from cereal bowl - cereal: quick breakfast tipsA recent poll conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of Breakfast Cereals Canada (BCC) revealed that six
in 10 Canadian moms and dads reported the tasks associated with getting their families out the door make
mornings the most stressful time of day. Between making sure Tyrell has his gym clothes, Emma has
her library books and the baby is relatively presentable, you’re lucky if your brood can choke down a
Pop-Tart in the car on the way to school – let alone have a bowl of cereal at the table.

According to the poll, it can
take families 77 minutes from
the time they get up until
they’re out the door. Skipping
breakfast leads to more than
just hunger – 64 percent of
parents polled say it made
them feel guilty, too.

BCC, which represents the
four leading manufacturers
of breakfast cereals in Canada,
has come up with some
cereal-related ideas to conquer
morning stress and guilt.
The Morning Crunch “Thrive
Guide” recommends:

  • Have more than one cereal
    to choose from.
    Try blending your
    favourites into one custom
    bowl of cereal. 
  • Get breakfast going the
    night before.
    Set the table with bowls and
    spoons and leave the cereal
    within easy reach for little
    arms. All you have to add
    come morning is the milk.
  • Try combining fruit, yogurt
    and cereal for a delicious
    breakfast parfait.
    Or mix cereal with high
    protein nuts like almonds
    and dried fruit for a
    nutritious trail mix.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, November 2012.

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