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Ginger Chai Log

Ginger Chai Log - Parents Canada

This creamy cookie log is pure genius; a spiced version of the classic chocolate wafer cookie log. The ginger chai log is softened by whipped cream and garnished with candied ginger. This easy recipe makes a perfect dessert for holiday gifting or entertaining.

If you like, turn it into a yule log by cutting about a quarter off one end at an angle, and attaching it to the side, so it resembles a log. Use the tines of a fork to give the whipped cream a bark-like texture.


2 cups whipping cream

2 Tbsp icing sugar

1-2 tsp chai masala (spice blend)

1 (6 ounce/150 g) package thin ginger cookies

1/2 cup finely diced candied ginger, divided

6–8 pieces whole candied ginger


Beat the whipping cream with the icing sugar and chai masala until soft peaks form; set aside about 2/3 of the mixture.

Line a baking tray with plastic wrap. Add half the diced candied ginger to the remaining one-third of the whipped cream mixture. Use it to coat one side of each cookie with and then stack them together to form a log on the plastic wrap. Wrap the plastic wrap around the finished log and refrigerate overnight or for at least 8 hours. Place the log on a serving dish and remove the foil and wrap just before serving.

Spread the reserved whipped cream over the log and sprinkle with remaining candied ginger. Serve in diagonal slices, so that each piece has multiple layers of cookies and cream showing. Serves 8.

This recipe is adapted from A Spicy Touch, by Noorbanu Nimji and Karen Anderson.

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